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AWARDSPACE.COM has been offering the full scope of web hosting solutions since 2004. Our strength lies in customer satisfaction and feeling good about the services that we are providing. Our services has been trusted by billions of customer worldwide. The AWARDSPACE web hosting network is growing each day with the customer base already reaching more than 2 billion this year. This service has been credited with numerous awards and recognition over the year. With this success, we have gained alot of experience and knowledge. We are always keen on sharing our knowledge and experience base to our customers. UK.AM is a service offered to do so. With we will be offering you all the essential tools that you need to build your website. With our knowledge and your desire, you’ll be able to build a website in few clicks. We believe that everyone has a right to have their own website. Our experience and many statistics shows it can make a lot of ¬†difference if you have a website. Whether you are an individual striving for success or a company looking to establish yourself, a website can help you reach your goals. Marketing, journalism, communication, sales are few of ¬†many prospects that you can use your website for. This will not only benefit you but others too. Having a better world of internet connectivity is also a prime goal of UK.AM.

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