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Installing a website Part 1

Once you register for domain, you can now install your website. You can either install WordPress or Joomla theme or install your own site. The installation can be done in three ways:

  1. Zacky installer to install WordPress or Joomla theme
  2. Use File Manager to upload your files

This article covers how to install your website using Zacky installer. Zacky installer provides a easy, step wise website builder wizard. You can use Zacky Installer to install WordPress or Joomla. After installation you can use any WordPress or Joomla themes for your website.

To install your website using Zacky installer, follow steps below:

Step 1: Open Zacky installer from your Control Panel. Zacky installer is located in Website Manager inside Hosting Tools.

Open your control panel


Step 2: You can choose to install either WordPress or Joomla. For this article we are going to use WordPress. The process is similar for Joomla installation too.

Install WordPress or Joomla


Step 3: You can choose any of the given templates. Templates can be easily changed after installation too. Click next when you are done.

Select WordPress templates


Step 4: This section offers different plugins that you can use for your WordPress. Plugins can be added after WordPress is installed.

Select WordPress Plugins


Step 5: Select your domain from the dropdown. Enter title for your website. Set your administration credentials.

Set basic elements


Step 6: If you are happy with you all your set elements, then click install. WordPress will be installed now.

Press Install


After this you will get email confirmation in your email. You will find more information on email.